• Historical Energy Data from two CIVIS test sites in Trentino area, Italy:
    • San Lorenzo
    • Storo
  • Historical Energy Data from Otaniemi
  • Energy consumption Data from Helsinki + open data Forum Virium


Green Button Data (from Green Button CIVIS hackathon)

Green Button standard was started couple of years ago as initiative in the United States, with the aim of providing uniformed format and protocol for exchanging utility data. Since then it has been adopted by many utility providers and various services (apps) have already been built on top of it. This allows end users (energy consumers) to become more aware and in better control of their energy use.

To get started check out the Green Button Homepage. There you will find the basic information as well as many useful links, the main ones are summarise here:



Other useful resources

  • Eprice  – spot market prices for various EU countries/regions
  • Endev.js – simple JavaScript library for working with web data sources
  • AMEE – environmental and energy data for UK companies
  • Open Energy Information – a collection of various energy datasets, apps and communities
  • Open Stockholm Data – various open data from Stockholm

A few news articles and links on how energy data are used currently in the world, top trends, and cool startups: