• Sources

−Reittiopas-API, since 2009

−, since 2013

−Poikkeusinfo (v. 3.0 2015)

−HSL-louhin (AstyWeb / LatiWeb), since 2015

−Liipi-API (Park and Ride), 2015?


−Other sources:



Column names translated

“palveluntuottaja”, service provider
“linja”, line
“tarkenne”, explonation
“laikajore”, dep time from the first stopaccording to timetable
“lahtokoodi”, combination of the previous two
“tapahtumapaiva”,actual date
“laika”,departure time
“ptyyppi”, day type
“ptyyppiliik”, day type of the trafic
“liikpaiva”, trafic date
“kpaiva”, ?
“joukkollaji”, type of transport
“ajtyyppi”, type of the vechicle
“bussityyppi”, type of the bus
“virhekoodi”, error code
“lahtopysakki”, FROM tsop
“tulopysakki”, TO stop
“pysakkijarj”, no. of stop (from the start)
“pysakkityyppi”, type of the stop
“tuloaika”, arrival time
“lahtoaika”, departure time
“tuloaika_time”,arrival time
“lahtoaika_time”, departure time
“ohitusaika”, passing time
“ohitusaika_time”,passing time
“joreohitusaika”, passing time according to timetable
“joreohitusaika_time”,passing time according to timetable
“ohitusaika_ero”, difference to timetable
“ajoaika”, driving time
“pysakkiaika”, stop time
“pysakkialueella_oloaika”, stop area time
“pysahdyskpl”, no of stops made
“kumul_pysakkiaika”,cum stop time
“kumul_pysakkialueella_oloaika”, cum stop area time
“ta_viikko”, week no
“ta_kuukausi”, month no.
“ta_vuosi”, year
“kirjauspvm”, date of writing
“virhe_pysakki”, error stop
“virhe_gps”, error gps
“virhe_askellus”, error in odometry
“virhe_ohitusaika”, error in passing time?
“virhe_lahto”, error departure?
“muutosaika”, modified date
“muuttaja”, modifier
“kumul_matkaaika”, cum travelling time
“aluetuloaika”, arrival time to the stop area
“aluetuloaika_time”,arrival time to the stop area
“aluelahtoaika”, departure time from the stop area
“aluelahtoaika_time”,departure time from the stop area
“vuosiviikko” year and week combined