Dataset descriptions


1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Document name(s): “1 NPS Data 1 ElisaAalto-FINAL.xlsx”
Description: Market research data collected by interviewing 9644 persons to
understand their perception of telecommunication service providers in
Finland, including brand awareness.
Language: Column descriptions in Finnish, data in numeric values.
Modifications: Service promoting information deleted, Service provider names

2. Web Visits 2014-2015
Document name(s): “2 Web Visits 2014-2015 ElisaAalto.xlsx”
Description: Web page visits in Elisa customer care between 1.4. 2014-­‐31.3.2015.

Language: English
Modifications: No modifications

3. Email Support Text Feedback

Document name(s): “3 Email Support Feedback ElisaAalto.xlsx”
Description: Sample of 823 email customer feedbacks between December 2014-
February 2015 for email customer service. Including numeric information:
“Did you receive a solution or the necessary information?”, “How was the
service from 1 to 10” and “Based on your contact, how likely would you
recommend us from 1 to 10?”.
Language: Column descriptions in English/Finnish, data in numeric values.
Modifications: Anonymised help desk persons’ email addresses. All free text feedback
deleted. All data in column “A” (email helpdesk unit) modified to be digit 1
or 2.

4. Web Support Text Feedback
Document name(s): “4 Web Support Text Feedback ElisaAalto.xlsx”
Description: 55.483 customer ratings for Elisa web support pages between 1.4.2014-
Language: English.
Modifications: In column D text feedback transformed to contain only into length of the
message (digit). The change has been made approximately to 16 000 text

5. Email Data
Document name(s): “5 Email Data ElisaAalto.CSV”
Description: 990.376 rows between 1.6.2014?-30.3.2015?
Language: English.
Modifications: Anonymised customer_id


6. Call Data
Document name(s): “6 AALTO_CALLS_20150422.CSV”
Description: 1.048.576 rows between 2014-2015.
Detail information concerning help desk calls.
Language: English.
Modifications: Data anonymised on text feedback and in Columns V-Y including
information concerning service contacted and resolution.